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FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYTHING HOLY, what did they do with the SEASON FINALE. I would be crying right now if I wasn’t this MAD. This is an official KATY HATE THREAD. If you have ANYTHING remotely GOOD to say about her go somewhere ELSE.
I’ve started s1 and I immediately fell in love with her, she’s such a lovable character! With flaws, with depth, with some nice moments. Like, the way they portrayed her relationship with family and especially her dad, it’s just — chef’s kiss. And her first rift arc. We rarely get any meaningful series, focused not on the fun parts of the Abstract, but on the cold reality of it all. Her feelings of being robbed of normal childhood, or, I don’t know, adolescence, it was so real.
Now I must warn you that I’ll spoil the heck out of s3 right now, so go watch the finale if you haven’t yet, but I bet if you clicked on this thread, YOU KNOW WHAT ALREADY HAPPENED AND I’M JUST
First, JEAN DESERVES BETTER. She did nothing wrong. She wanted to protect everybody once they discovered that newly opened rift. And when Katy goes and just, just, screws everyone up!!! ALL OF SUDDEN SHE’S PRO-RIFTS? She wants to keep it a secret so… so Cody can have his moment? GIRL YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS, and we ALREADY HAVE KRIS FOR THIS SHIT
OH MY FREAKING GOD and the stealing AND the lies and the whole ordeal!!!!! I’m seething. I’m crying!!! I’m ready to howl at the moon!!!!



Yeah, they just did a complete 180 for some cheap shock and drama. Like wow, no one could predict that the one who was messing with them was Katy! We did our best to write her the way she never could do something like this, played ya!

I hate modern tv.



As if they couldn’t handle their romance with Cody any different. Of course, she has to bend over backwards and he’ll be just sitting there, looking innocent.



Enjoy your anti-rift propaganda, this is what you get when transcribing the wrong ideals!
^ _ ^

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Thanks, fish_fear, I hate it. You’re SO RIGHT and it’s just. I’m so invested in the show I can’t, I’m desperate.

in lotta we trust, shut up. I’m not here to get political, I’m watching shows all around the specter. Just accept that people’s perspectives can be different.

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Some people.



Imagine watching a series about how rifts bad and then they turn a pro-rift person into a psycho.



Can we not get all political for a moment? We’re here to vent our frustrations with a bad finale to the season, ugh alright I’m just gonna ignore y’all it’s not worth arguing back and forth.


You are here » LOCKDOWN » Новый форум » KATY HATE THREAD

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