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Is there… connection?

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'll say it right at the start, so, don't be MEAN mean, okay? I'm still in school. Won't specify age or else, just trust me? Good. I know I'm not as mature or experienced, but that's the point of me coming here with a question. Hope you'll be understanding.
One of my relatives recently passed away. I'm talking several months prior. It's still... crushing. And I'm suddenly becoming extremely aware of my own mortality -- you know, those pesky risks in the family.
So... I've been thinking about the afterlife a lot. Is there any? Can it be... connected to the abstract? Not like in direct correlation, I'm not THAT stupid. But can you leave a footprint there? Influence it somehow, leave something behind yourself?



That can happen, but I’m afraid there’s just a little bit too much of… transmitting error? Translation error? I don’t know how to explain that in layman terms, but it’s mostly the fact that the abstract matter and creatures forming there can understand us and our world properly. So, when something is imprinted in there, it gets a little bit distorted.  So, even if you, somehow, managed to get your footprint… I don’t know what could transpire.



Don’t get your hopes too high, kid, to affect the abstract you need to live near the rift. Like, near _near_ the rift.



Hang In there, buddy. I know grieving is tough, just. Don’t think about it this way. Let it go. You’re seeking a way to salvage your pain, not to live it through. You need to accept the hard facts head on. There’s no way to return something lost. Even through an abstract dimension.



It’s so much above our capacity, please ask someone in your life to help you with getting help. Counseling? Ask around your school, there might be a counselor to help you.



sam_83 wrote:

So, when something is imprinted in there, it gets a little bit distorted.

If it’s not something big, imprinted all over our collective psyche. Like a cultural figure, or some character… Like a cereal mascot. So if there’s a prominent historical figure, they may exist in the abstract.



Can you, please, read the room?



Don’t get too hung up on technical terms. The fact that they could imitate something through visual means, doesn’t signify any understanding whatsoever. For all we know that president spotted in the rift may be a cardboard cutout and nothing more. A devastating state to see your loved one in.


You are here » LOCKDOWN » Новый форум » Is there… connection?

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